5 Etiquette Tips For A Domestic Staff

From housekeepers to chauffeurs, knowing the rules of etiquette that are expected of you before you even start the job will help you fit in faster, make a positive impression and develop job security.

Etiquette plays a critical role in how a domestic employee interacts with his or her employers and their guests. It also develops into a focused lifestyle that is often maintained at all times, rather than simply on the job. This is found, in many cases, with butlers and estate managers but also with other staff members as they develop further in their careers.

Here are a few tips for developing the etiquette needed to succeed in this industry:

Don’t apologize – If and when you make a mistake, rather than apologizing, simply correct it and move on. Your employer won’t expect you to say “sorry” and expect forgiveness, they will expect the situation to be rectified. Apologizing wastes time and make you seem less capable. Mistakes are made, a good domestic staff member corrects them swiftly and moves on to the next task to ensure the household remains operating smoothly.

Know the schedule – Your employer will have a schedule and it’s your job to know it and anticipate his or her needs. If they have an event coming up that you’ll be involved with in someway, make sure you’re already doing the appropriate job and are ready for any scheduling changes as they may occur. This will help you seem proactive and like an integral part of their life.

Initiative – A confident member of a staff will take the initiative to make choices and decisions on their own, knowing that as long as their tasks have all been completed and that the new task they are about to complete won’t interfere with any of the other household staff, their initiative will be well rewarded.

Finishing touches – It’s the finishing touches which are often forgotten. If one or more of your staff are rushing through their duties and they forget to go the extra mile you’ll notice the decline in quality. A great staff should understand these finishing touches that will please their employers.

Remain silent – Never discuss your employer or the household’s personal business. Remaining silent is a major part of any domestic staff member’s job, and they must learn to avoid questions when possible, especially when working for celebrities.

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