Back-to-School Shopping Tips for Parents and Nannies

With school just around the corner, it’s important to make sure your student is set up for success before they are sent off! Each year, it seems that school lists are getting more and more specific, especially with precautions taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The top domestic staffing agency Atlanta, GA has prepared some tips for nannies or parents who are planning to send their little ones off to school.

Account for the Supplies You Already Have

Many times, your student will have supplies leftover from last year. Save money and take inventory of any supplies that they can use from last year. If students can reuse items such as backpacks and lunch boxes, that’s extra savings as well!

Secure a School Supply List from the School

Many schools provide students with a basic list of supplies that they will need. Beyond standard school supplies, some institutions may provide other information such as dress code standards, equipment, instruments, and teacher wish lists for their classrooms.

Want to Avoid the Lines? Shop Online

Much of what is on your child’s school supply list can be found online! Stores like Amazon and Walmart are great online options if you prefer to shop online. These online options may even come with special online-only deals that can save you money for shopping online!

Organize Your Student’s Supplies

Domestic staffing agency Atlanta, GA recommends organizing your student’s supplies by category. Whether that be categorizing the supplies by subject, by item, or by color, having your supplies organized will keep you level-headed when shopping on multiple trips.

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