Benefits of Hiring a Housekeeper through an Agency

With options like Craigslist various social media outlets and national services, it may seem very simple to find housekeeping help for your home. However, you should definitely consider using a domestic placement agency to manage your in home help because safety and verified experience are two things you just can’t afford to take a chance on.

If you are here in Atlanta, GA look no further than The Hazel Agency. In business since 1996, The Hazel Agency has become a leader in providing quality domestic staffing for residences and private estates throughout the Atlanta metro area and other cities in the Southeastern United States. Regardless of your needs, they have qualified candidates that not only fit your job description, but also your lifestyle.

The leading reason why you should trust an agency to find a housekeeper for you instead of searching on your own is the screening process. The Hazel Agency takes this very seriously and realize how difficult it can be to find the perfect long-term staff for your home.  All of their candidates are subject to a rigorous interview process. It is through this strict process and the completion of their background checks that they may confidently recommend a staff member that is best suited to your needs. Ensuring the happiness, stability, and well-being of your home as their primary goal.

Another very important asset of hiring a housekeeper in Atlanta, GA through The Hazel Agency is once a candidate for employment is placed in a home, they guarantee their employment for six (6) months. If the staff you hire through The Hazel Agency resigns or is terminated for just cause, they will replace the position with no additional agency fees for six (6) months from the original date of hire.

At The Hazel Agency, they strive to make securing domestic help, such as a housekeeper here in Atlanta, GA, as simple as possible for their clients. To inquire with them about hiring services, you can fill out a form online at or give them a call at 770-643-2034 and they will be more than happy to assist you with your domestic needs!