Calling All D.I.Y. Nannies

Halloween is next week which means that we’re beginning our countdown! Who else is excited about the day?

Finding unique Halloween costumes becomes more and more difficult with each passing year.  Mom’s don’t’ stress – There’s still plenty of time to have your D.I. Y. nanny whip up a costume for your little ones.  These easy last-minute Halloween costumes for kids come together quickly while still looking creative and adorable.  It’s also fun to get the children involved in the process.  Who wants to stand out in the crowd of plastic masks and boring clichés.

Gumball Machine

Ketchup And Mustard

Bag Of Jelly Beans

Chip On Shoulder









Hot Air Balloon


Winking Tongue Emoji









Scuba Diver











Let us know if The Hazel Agency can assist in providing your family with an extra set of hands.  Please feel free to contact us at 770-643-2034 or visit us on the web at We wish you fun while costume crafting and a happy Halloween!