Being a great nanny requires more than a genuine love of children. Caring for children is a very rewarding career and one to be very proud of. It is full of challenges, fun and constant change. It seems every few years, the common core of child care gets an adjustment by the American Academy of Pediatrics and often what are common child care practices of today may not be that for tomorrow.

Knowledge Is Power

These are just some reasons why it is very important to stay current and up-to-date on all child care matters, and this is done through continuing education. Education is the root of what you do as professional nannies. Knowledge is power and attending educational classes offered in your area, and attending educational or professional conferences can open doors to endless high paying nanny positions. Continuing education for nannies is not just a benefit, it’s a necessity. 

Also, staying current with parenting trends, new research in the child development world, and continuing your learning to be the best nanny you can be is extremely valuable. It can also help boost your self confidence as a care giver, empower you, and attract a higher salary.

Here are a few resources for you to look into:

To stand out from as a professional nanny, you will need to continue to learn in order to stay relevant in the world of childcare.  Professionalism goes a long way! 

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