Family Assistant vs. Nanny: What’s the Difference?

Many parents would agree with the sentiment that their children are the center of their world. But what if you could find someone who could make your whole family’s world go-’round? Depending on your family’s circumstances, The Hazel Agency has candidates for employment available to fit their specific needs. Our household personnel Atlanta GA are committed to providing the best quality service and are eager to build long-lasting relationships with your family. 

There are benefits to hiring both a family assistant and a nanny, but what’s the difference? As a leader in domestic staffing throughout the Atlanta area, The Hazel Agency has years of experience in providing the perfect fit for both positions. Here’s how the roles differ and how they can both uniquely benefit your family:   

Family Assistant 

As the name implies, a family assistant takes on responsibilities that go beyond just childcare. The main difference between a family assistant and a nanny is that family assistants serve as the parents’ helpers in addition to the children’s. Family assistants can complete a variety of tasks depending on the family’s needs and ultimately serve as a solution for busy families. 

A simple way to sum up a family assistant is thinking about a nanny and personal assistant working together in a single position; it’s basically the best of both worlds. While the family assistant is acting as the parents’ personal assistant, they are simultaneously serving as the children’s nanny. If you are a parent wanting to spend more time personally with your child, hiring a family assistant can alleviate your responsibilities and allow you to do so. 


Nannies specialize in childcare specifically and are generally only responsible for taking care of the children in your home. Although most nannies have a great deal of experience, not all of them are professionally trained in their roles. Some nannies may perform light housekeeping in addition to childcare depending on the specifications of their position. 

Although the role of a nanny is solely associated with childcare rather than overall family care, nanny positions are still flexible. The salaries of our household personnel Atlanta GA, are all based upon job requirements, level of service and their experience. With that being said, if you decide to hire a nanny and end up needing them to provide a higher level of service within your home, that’s possible as long as their work is compensated with their salary. 

Which Is Better? 

Now that you know the difference between family assistants and nannies, you may be wondering which is better. Ultimately, the “better” option depends on what role you need your household personnel Atlanta GA to fill within your family. If you want to hire someone to solely focus on taking care of your children, then a nanny is most likely suitable. On the other hand, if you as a parent need personal help juggling your responsibilities in addition to taking care of your children, then a family assistant is a great option. 

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