Family Assistants Are the New Nannies

Family Assistant

Juggling a job, children, family, and personal time is the norm for most parents these days, which is why bringing in some extra help is sometimes the answer. Although hiring a nanny is often the go-to choice for families who have enough disposable income, there might be a new attractive option for parents — family assistants. The biggest difference between a nanny and a family assistant is that the person in question is specifically there not only to cater to the children but also the parents. Having a family assistant is extremely beneficial to moms who hold down full-time jobs or run a business out of the home. Typically, a person in the family assistant role is computer savvy and can help with everything from scheduling to compiling a guest list for your upcoming holiday events, birthday parties, etc. Family assistants wear many hats, which makes them extremely flexible. They are the parents’ personal assistant and the children’s nanny.  Some parents may also need help running their business while the children are in school while others need help in scheduling, organizing and keeping the home running smoothly. A family assistant is similar to a personal assistant except that a large part of their job involves childcare and household duties that may include: cooking, light housekeeping, errands, grocery shopping, organizing, scheduling the family calendar and driving the children to school & activities. Busy parents are able to delegate important tasks to the family assistant so that they can spend more quality time with their children.

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