Our Fee Structure

Our services, along with our guarantees, meet or exceed the industry standards.

We invite you to compare our fees and our services to comparable domestic placement agencies. We are proud of our reputation and we pride ourselves on being able to present our clients with the very best domestic staffing options available.

Live-Out Employees

Full-Time or Part-Time
15% of employee’s projected annual salary

*Short-term contracts available at 25% of the actual gross salary paid to employee (less than 8 months)

Live-In Employees

Full-Time or Part-Time
20% of employee’s projected annual salary

20% for all placements outside of Georgia

Registration Fee

To begin our search for your domestic professional, you agree to submit a non-refundable registration fee of $200.00 . When a suitable candidate is placed with you, the Registration Fee will be deducted from our Permanent Placement Fee.


At The Hazel Agency, we stand behind our placement with our full  Six (6) Month Replacement Guarantee from date of hire.  If the staff you hire resigns or is terminated, we will replace the position with no additional agency fees from six (6) months from the original date of hire.

The Hazel Agency’s obligation to conduct a replacement search is not valid if the client: 1) fails to pay the agency placement fee invoice on time; 2) changes the job description; 3) decreases or increases the work hours; 4) changes the work schedule; 5) decreases or fails to pay the employee’s salary; 6) decreases employment benefits; 7) relocates; 8) fails to satisfy all client’s obligations under the Employee/Employer Agreement; 9) fails to initiate the replacement search process within 7 calendar days of the employee’s last day of employment.

Permanent Placement Fee

In order to validate the six (6) month guarantee, the client agrees to pay The Hazel Agency the full non-refundable Placement Fee immediately after the ten (10) day grace period (postmarked within two (2) days following the grace period).