Our Staffing Method

  1. To help us meet your exact requirements and to begin the search for your domestic professional, we ask that you complete our Client Questionnaire and sign our Placement Contract. This information builds a very clear and accurate job description that will enable us to present you with suitable candidates for your position.
  2. Once we have identified your needs, we will select only suitable candidates that fit your requirements.
  3. We will proceed by sending you candidate profiles and resumes of selected candidates for your review.
  4. At your request, we will schedule interviews with candidates of your choice.
  5. Once a selection has been made to hire one of our candidates, we will conduct a thorough background investigation to include criminal history, motor vehicle report and drug testing on the candidate and the reports will be forwarded to you.
  6. In addition, we will also provide you with our standard “Employee/Employer Agreement” that can be tailored to suit your needs. This agreement puts the terms of employment into written form.
  7. A two-week trial period is given to both the Client and Candidate. After the initial trial period, the agency’s non-refundable placement fee is due. However, the Replacement Guarantee period is for six (6) months, and if your new hire stays beyond a year there is no additional charge owed to the agency.
  8. Even after the hiring process is completed, we are available to both Client and Candidate for analysis and advice on how to handle situations and solidify the relationship.

We understand that to find the right person for your position can take time, therefore you are under no obligation to make a quick decision and we are always available to answer any additional questions or concerns you might have.