Hiring a Butler

In many people’s minds, the service of a butler seems dated and a tradition only kept alive through movies and television shows. However, the role of the butler deserves to be revisited because the services that butlers provide are still very useful in modern households.  Many people only think of butlers as being men, but women also make excellent modern day butlers to meet the specific needs of your home.  

Experienced butlers are household professionals that have received formal training in personalized service.

Some of the most common tasks that a modern butler performs in the home include:

  • Greet incoming guest
  • Announce guests
  • Answer the telephone
  • Arrange formal table settings
  • Knowledgeable about wines, mixology & gourmet cuisine
  • Serve meals and drinks
  • Managethe interior of the home
  • Oversee the housekeeping staff
  • Prepare meals in lieu of a chef

During training, a butler will typically learn about etiquette, cooking, and wardrobe management. They may also learn skills in communication, technology, child and pet care, security, and traveling with an employer. Having a butler in your home can provide many meaningful benefits, such as adding a level of security. Hiring a butler provides you with a highly-trained professional who is dedicated to you and your family. Your butler’s main goal is to make your everyday life easier.

Butlers often assume managerial positions within the home to oversee other staff members. They may be asked to make household repairs if a handyman is unavailable, drive employer to destinations, or coordinate events. They may also be asked to oversee the work of vendors and contractors. 

If you are ready to welcome a butler into your home, The Hazel Agency can provide exactly what you’re looking for. 

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