How To Thank Your Household Staff

Here at The Hazel Agency, our primary goal is to maintain a luxury home, and we know doing so isn’t possible without the help of quality household staff. As an Atlanta domestic agency that prides itself on recruiting the industry’s most desired service professionals, we know our candidates are highly qualified hard workers. Just like any other working professional, your household staff wants to feel appreciated and acknowledged for their efforts. Whether it be your housekeeper or nanny, we encourage you to use at least one of these unique ways to show thanks to your household staff:

  • Celebrate the big (and little) things! Everyone deserves to be celebrated, and it is extra special when the celebration is unexpected. Although your household staff may not expect you to celebrate them, doing something a little special for their birthday or one-year work anniversary would likely mean the world to them.
  • Put pen to paper. We insist that thank you notes are not a thing of the past! A simple written reminder, whether it be a quick sticky note or an actual card, goes a long way in reminding someone that you are thinking of them and you appreciate them. 
  • Be more than an employer. Your household staff is likely part of your daily life, so it wouldn’t hurt to treat them like it. While it is important to maintain a healthy, professional employer and employee relationship, staff members generally value feeling like they have a work family to rely on. The Hazel Agency, your local Atlanta domestic agency, strives to build long-term relationships between our clients and candidates. Our hope is that our clients will maintain these relationships by welcoming staff members with open arms. Remember, it could be as simple as inviting your household staff to lunch on their day off or offering a personal piece of advice when needed. 
  • Surprise them with time off. Speaking of days off, we don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate some unexpected paid time off. Surprising your household staff with time off is truly one of the best ways to thank your staff and reward their hard work in your home.
  • Give them a meaningful gift. Although we know that not everyone’s love language is gifts, giving your household staff a personalized gift means more than just spending money on them. The present doesn’t have to be expensive, and it could even be free! We have no doubt your nanny would love a custom drawing from one of your aspiring artist kiddos.

The Hazel Agency | Atlanta Domestic Agency As your leading Atlanta domestic agency, The Hazel Agency specializes in providing quality domestic staffing for our clients. Regardless of our clients’ needs, we have qualified candidates available who we not only want to fit with your lifestyle, but fit into your lifestyle. We hope that you can use one of our tips to make your household staff feel loved and appreciated. To find a potential candidate for employment to match your personal household needs, contact us today!