Personal Assistant or House Manager: Do You Need Both?

If you’re seeking someone to help manage your estate, chances are you want to ensure a seamless experience for both your family and the staff that you bring into your home. When it comes to estate management, there are quite a few options for services you could seek out for your home. These three services include estate manager, house manager, and personal assistant. Most clients who are staffing their estate choose an estate manager but then are unsure as to whether or not they need both a house manager and personal assistant, or if one or the other would suffice for their needs. Lucky for them, and you, we are here to help! Keep reading to discover which solution is best for your estate!

House Manager

House managers are experienced in running a household with no supervision and ensure that the house is running smoothly. The house manager may arrange external household services, manage a budget, keep supplies stocked, plan special events, run errands and grocery shop. Sometimes the house manager is the only staff in the home, meaning they then cover all services including cleaning, child care, cooking, and laundry. A house manager can truly do it all!

The house manager can also be the supervisor to the rest of your staff if your estate is one that is fully staffed. The house manager can also be the point of contact to the estate owners for the entire staff as they may be the only one in direct contact with the head of household.

Personal Assistant

As with the house manager, the personal assistant’s duties will vary depending on the estate. PAs often find themselves performing secretarial duties as well as planning in-house and out of estate events for their employer. If there is a house manager, the personal assistant works hand in hand with them to synchronize information and make sure that everything is covered.

Typical job duties for a personal assistant include keeping the family on schedule, managing budget, making travel arrangements, organizing social events, personal shopping, and handling personal correspondences. If you are an in-demand individual your personal assistant will make your life easier.

What Should You Do?

If your budget permits, we at The Hazel Agency believe that having both a personal assistant and house manager are vital to your estate’s success. Particularly if you are a busy individual and have a lot of family and personal matters that need tending to. If you do not have as many personal matters you may benefit more from hiring just a house manager, however, once personal obligations interfere with the ability to ensure household success, you will want to bring on a personal assistant.

The Hazel Agency is an estate staffing firm dedicated to providing top staffing solutions to estates in the Atlanta, Georgia area. If you are considering bring aboard a house manager or personal assistant, fill out our “Hire Staff” form and contact us today!