A Robust Job Market Means Competitive Candidate Standards

As one of the leaders in the field of Personal Service, it is our aim to help everyone who comes to us seeking employment.  Unfortunately, the market is such that we cannot always be successful. Our clients, the most prominent in the country, give us very specific requirements for the staff they wish to hire.

It is without exception that the people we represent have significant experience working in a private home and are legal residents of the United States. Most often our families are looking for a minimum of 5+ years of experience in a home similar to theirs. They are coming to The Hazel Agency knowing that we have the resources to find candidates who have experience that is precisely parallel to the needs of their home. It is our knowledge and understanding of the needs of our clients that has made us as successful as we are.

We cannot affect a career change or help someone re-enter the workforce. For instance – we often see requests from people with managerial experience in business, perhaps in real estate, who hope to parlay that into a career as an Estate Manager. While the responsibilities seem similar, in reality the duties and responsibilities of an Estate Manager caring for multiple properties and catering to the everyday needs of an employer is an entirely different skill set.  We also see requests regularly from moms who have been out of the workplace for many years raising their own families but were nannies many years ago.  As much as we would like to help, families are looking for career nannies with recent experience and it is our job to meet that criteria.

Almost everyone looking for their first position in Personal Service obtains that first job through personal referrals, networking or, occasionally, various online sources. At The Hazel Agency, we can try to help guide someone in the right direction with advice about where their current skills might translate into a home environment. Unfortunately, we are not the place to find you your first job.

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