Selecting The Right Household Staff

Running a household is no easy task for working families. The interviewing and screening process can take weeks. Determining job responsibilities and compensation can be a headache. At The Hazel Agency, we will personally match you with the most suitable candidate for your needs based on your specific criteria in the metro Atlanta area. Household staff can consist of many different positions. Based on your lifestyle, home maintenance, and family dynamics, you may need to hire for one or more positions. Time may be your most valuable asset, so let us spend our days sorting through resumes, interviewing top candidates and running complete background checks to make it easy for you to select the “best” candidate for your position.

At The Hazel Agency, we post staffing options for various services by category.


Under childcare staff, we can help you locate a nanny, baby nurse or governess. A nanny is a childcare professional who is responsible for quality childcare and the child-related chores around the home. A baby nurse is a highly experienced and skilled professional who will assist with the care of your newborn during the first days of your baby’s life.  Baby nurses do bathing, dressing, feeding, sleep training, laundry & maintenance of the nursery.  A governess acts as a qualified teacher to school age kids. These services are essentially provided to allow children to be homeschooled and receive their education from the privacy of your home.


For management staff, you may want to hire a majordomo or estate manager, a house manager or personal assistant. These roles are responsible for management of the household’s day to day operations, managing the estate’s finances, supervising household employees engaged in cooking, cleaning, and related domestic duties.  If they are the only employee in the home, such as a house manager, they may be expected to have the capability to do it all. If you are considering hiring someone for a management position, visit our other blog which helps break down in detail the difference between the roles.


The Hazel Agency is known for the prime selection of candidates for positions as an executive housekeeper, housekeeper, houseman/handyman, and laundress. Keeping your house clean, neat, tidy, organized and appealing is the role of the housekeeping staff. Depending on the size of her your home, the executive housekeeper typically has experience working in large, multi-staff homes with many demands.  A housekeeper’s duties consist of everyday maintenance and care for your home. Duties are, but not limited to, daily detail housekeeping chores around the home which include vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning toilets, sinks and showers, making beds, doing laundry, bed linens, towels and keeping all rooms neat & presentable. Some housekeepers prepare meals for the family. Houseman/handyman have knowledge of general maintenance and will assist with heavy cleaning, changing light bulbs, painting, light yard work and other odd jobs around the home. A large family may also hire a part-time laundress to assist the housekeeper with the washing, ironing of the family’s clothes and household items.  Let The Hazel Agency match you with the right staff for your needs.


For those of you looking for formal staff such as a butler, a domestic couple or valet, The Hazel Agency can help! A butler is like a button that holds the family together. His or her many duties & responsibilities can take the weight off a busy family especially when the family has many tasks at hand and perhaps when both adults work long hours. A butler can also be for who can afford it and who would like to have extra time to spend on leisure & hobbies, entrusting household affairs to an individual they feel that they can count on 100%.  A domestic couple is made up of two individuals, often married who work together as a team providing domestic and personal service for a household.  A valet will keep your closet & drawers organized and help with wardrobe selection when you are traveling. Let the valet pack your suitcase and layout clothes. You will no longer have to spend time choosing an outfit to wear when a valet is there is assist.


Culinary staff is another category of domestic staffing The Hazel Agency offers. Let us provide you with the service and attention you deserve.  Finding a suitable personal chef or cook will be our goal if food preparation is what you need in your household. Private chefs and cooks plan menus and prepare meals in your home, according to recipes or tastes of their employer. They also are responsible for the cleanliness of the kitchen and cooking utensils. With a personal chef or cook, you no longer need to take trips to the grocery store. This person is responsible for shopping for your groceries, preparing amazing meals and making sure your pantry and refrigerator are always stocked and organized.  

Other Staff

We have also placed various other titles with our clients in the past and would love to help you with the selection for a new companion, chauffeur, or gardener.

Whichever service you decide to add to your household, we promise to find the highest quality candidates in the industry. Our agency will present you with the most professional, experienced and loyal staff to help you with managing your day to day life. Having additional staff allows you to have more free time and keeps your household running as smoothly as possible. The Hazel Agency can provide you with the household staff you deserve.

Not only do we perform personal interviews of candidates and evaluate candidates to save you time, we also screen each person for employment eligibility verification, employment verification, previous employer reference checks, character reference checks, suitability for specific households, social security verification, national criminal history investigation, motor vehicle report, and drug screening.  We also stand by our placements with our six month replacement guarantee.

Contact  us today if you are seeking to fill a position or have questions about our staffing methods.  Personal service and attention to detail is the key to our success!