What Is An Estate Manager?

An Estate Manager is responsible for the smooth operation of the employer’s residence(s) and typically has 10+ years experience working in private homes.  They act as the liaison for the principals and their properties and is trained in formal etiquette, care of fine furnishings, antiques, and art. An EM oversees a large estate and/or multiple properties owned by one principal. He or she is the leader of the staff that is employed at the properties.

What Does An Estate Manager Do?

An EM’s duties include hiring, training, and termination of staff members, interviewing and supervising outside contractors, managing household accounts, orchestrating functions, stocking and caring of the wine cellar, scheduling preventative maintenance for the home and vehicles, and making sure that his/her employers’ lives are carefree. Most work is focused outside of the primary home. Many estates own a business, so the Estate Manager must have the ability to help with profitability and keep track of all money coming in and out.

Who Do They Manage?

Estate Managers are often serves as the face of the principal and is expected to make responsible decisions for the maintenance of the home. They may be responsible for Security Staff, Driver,Housekeeping Team, Gardeners, Private Chef, Handyman, Nanny, etc.  EM may also interface with many outside Vendors, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Office Staff, Contractors and Lawyers. It all depends on the estate and the principal.


An EM is expected to be professional and personable with a financial mind.  A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is often required along with technical and financial aptitude. Strong project management skills, extensive research skills and proven negotiation skills are essential. This professional must be able to identify all service standards, organize work schedules, train, and manage all service staff required to fulfill all standards for large Estates of generally 18,000 square feet or more, and/or for busy families with multiple residences.  Specific skills and experience requirements may vary depending on placement.

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