Why You Should Consider Hiring A Domestic Couple

For some families, the ideal household staffing arrangement means hiring a domestic couple. Domestic couples are often made up of two individuals who are married. They will work closely together to provide domestic services for a household. Customarily, they are live-in and the responsibilities are delineated by male and female roles. Their responsibilities are mostly based on the employer’s property and their personal needs. There are various domestic couple’s combination – Estate Management Couples, Housekeeper & Chauffeur Couples, Houseman & Laundress Couples, Chef & Housekeeper Couples.  Some of the common duties include housekeeping, childcare, cooking, driving, laundry, security, handyman duties, and more. All in all, a domestic couple is the dynamic duo that ensures your fine home runs smoothly on a daily basis.

More affluent families have been hiring experienced, trained couples as an alternative to having two unrelated domestics working in their home. A common problem that many households face is when two separate domestics (i.e., housekeeper and cook) work together in the same home.  They may not want to work as a team.  Experienced couples are team players, able to multi-task better to get much more done with greater attention to detail.  The experience they have working together allows them to perform more efficiently and effectively and accomplish more than two separate people. Finally there’s the element of harmony and team work, one of the biggest problems fine families face when two separate domestics work together in the same home.

In short, when you need to fill two separate, domestic positions in your home, to achieve maximum efficiency and obtain two team players, an experienced, well trained couple may well be your best choice.  If you want to find out what hiring a domestic couple can do for your household, give us a call today at 770-643-2034 and let us prove to you why a domestic couple can improve your quality of life!