• The Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors — Revealed

    Many homeowners love hardwood floors not only for their look and durability, but also because they’re simple to clean — at least relative to carpet, tile, and many other surfaces. But maintaining spick-and-span hardwood floors isn’t quite as simple as it may seem, which leaves many homeowners wondering: What’s the best way to clean hardwood […]

  • Key Benefits of Locating the ‘Perfect’ Nanny Through an Agency You Can Trust

    If you’re a parent in the Atlanta area who has considered hiring a nanny to help care for your children, no doubt you have reservations.  You want a nanny you can trust explicitly, someone who is a good fit for your family, an individual with excellent references, experience, and who will put the welfare of […]

  • Ten Important Tips For Staffing An Estate

    Owning a high-end property, although luxurious and rewarding, has its challenges. To staff your property effectively is the single most important step to running an organized and successful estate. It takes qualified and experienced household staff to keep your estate running smoothly. Here are 10 things to look for when staffing a property: Assess the […]

  • What would a Great Leader do to inspire their staff?

    Do you find yourself challenged in the management of your staff or in finding ways to develop them professionally and personally? Often times, as managers, it is forgotten that the people who make us successful have dreams and goals that they are pursuing alongside their daily jobs. They have lives and families outside of the […]

  • Helpful Hints to keep you and your home safe throughout the holiday season

    Holiday Home Safety Tips… Keep windows, garages and sheds locked, and don’t forget to use deadbolts. Use timers to turn on lights and a television or radio. Maintain at least a foot of space between a burning candle and anything that can catch fire. When handing lights outdoors, avoid using staples or nails which can […]

  • How should chefs plan for their trial period…?

    So, you’ve passed through the interview stage and been shortlisted, and now you are waiting to hear about your trial period. This is the critical point and many chefs fall foul of poor preparation and a casual approach. Careful planning is critical. An initial short trial period, normally 3-5 days is critical in my opinion, […]

  • Cleaning a luxury living room in a multi-million household

    How do you clean a luxurious living room in a multi-million pound property? This is one of the many questions we usually ask potential housekeepers and cleaners at an interview; to ensure that they are fit to work for our HNW clientele. Dust is probably the biggest bugbear for owners of lavish properties or buildings. […]

  • Bill Would Raise Georgia’s Minimum Wage to $10 An Hour

    ATLANTA — If some Georgia lawmakers get their way, minimum wage in the state would climb past $10 an hour. Senate Bill 15, dubbed the Minimum Wage Law, is sponsored by State Sen. Donzella James (D), whose district covers Metro Atlanta, among others. The bill calls for employers in Georgia to pay their employees at […]

  • 3 Fun Activities Nannies Can Do With Kids This Fall

    Autumn brings with it cool weather, apple cider and tons of activities nannies can do with kids. Many of these activities can also be completed outside while you view the red, orange and yellow landscape surrounding you. Here are three activities nannies can introduce to kids: Create a plan If your housekeeper isn’t performing up […]

  • 3 Tips to Help Your Housekeeper or Houseman Improve

    Hiring a professional to help you clean your home should be a great, stress-free experience. Unfortunately, for some it’s not stress-free due to a lack of communication between cleaners and the family. Here are three tips to help your cleaner improve: Create a plan If your housekeeper isn’t performing up to par, sit down and […]