• Housekeeping Tips

    Are you interested in becoming a Housekeeper for The Hazel Agency? We pride ourselves in hiring Housekeepers that are experienced in performing all of the household duties in our clients’ homes. Here are some tips from the professionals on how to clean a home thoroughly: Make sure you have all the proper cleaning supplies and […]

  • What Is An Estate Manager?

    An Estate Manager is responsible for the smooth operation of the employer’s residence(s) and typically has 10+ years experience working in private homes.  They act as the liaison for the principals and their properties and is trained in formal etiquette, care of fine furnishings, antiques, and art. An EM oversees a large estate and/or multiple […]

  • Hiring a Butler

    In many people’s minds, the service of a butler seems dated and a tradition only kept alive through movies and television shows. However, the role of the butler deserves to be revisited because the services that butlers provide are still very useful in modern households.  Many people only think of butlers as being men, but […]

  • Red Flags to Look for When Hiring a Nanny

    For parents, hiring a Nanny is a crucial decision. Ensuring that a Nanny will give your children loving and safe care is very important. When you go through the process of interviewing Nannies, there’s not one formula that works for every family. Here are a few things to look out for: Lateness Lateness happens. Sometimes […]

  • Family Assistants Are the New Nannies

    Juggling a job, children, family, and personal time is the norm for most parents these days, which is why bringing in some extra help is sometimes the answer. Although hiring a nanny is often the go-to choice for families who have enough disposable income, there might be a new attractive option for parents — family […]

  • Important Qualities of a Housekeeper

    When hiring a housekeeper, you will be paying close attention to their willingness to keep your house tidy and making sure they will be a good fit for your home. While their cleaning skills are important, there are other aspects you will want to focus on as well.  Trustworthy You will want to feel at […]


    Being a great nanny requires more than a genuine love of children. Caring for children is a very rewarding career and one to be very proud of. It is full of challenges, fun and constant change. It seems every few years, the common core of child care gets an adjustment by the American Academy of […]

  • Qualities of a Great Caregiver for Your Baby

    When trusting in another person to care for your newborn, you will want to be sure that it is someone you can rely on. The Hazel Agency’s Baby Nurses & Nannies have extensive hands-on experience and knowledge of infant care. All children need to be cared for by someone who will promote their healthy growth […]


    The holiday season means visits from family and friends. But before the whole family gathers under one roof, follow these safety tips to make sure your home is a safe and healthy place for everyone. Merry and Bright: Carefully inspect Christmas light strings each year and discard any with frayed cords, cracked lamp holders, or […]

  • Nanny Vs. Daycare – Which One Is Right For You?

    Deciding on the perfect childcare situation for your family is a very personal decision and the answer will be different for almost everyone. Every family dynamic is as unique as a fingerprint.  Whether you’re aiming for part-time or full-time care, there comes a time in every working mom’s life when she asks herself an important […]