• Back-to-School Shopping Tips for Parents and Nannies

    With school just around the corner, it’s important to make sure your student is set up for success before they are sent off! Each year, it seems that school lists are getting more and more specific, especially with precautions taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The top domestic staffing agency Atlanta, GA has prepared […]

  • Taking a Peek Into the Management Staff Options for Domestic Staffing

    When it comes to your property, only the best should be handling affairs. We understand how valuable your home, family, and business affairs are. That’s why The Hazel Agency wants to help you find the perfect staff to meet your needs. Our top-tier domestic staffing agency Atlanta GA offers different positions depending on the needs […]

  • The Grand Tour of Domestic Staffing Agency Atlanta GA’s Staff

    We understand early mornings. Prepping the kids for school, prepping yourself for the long workday ahead, heading straight to the soccer field after work to catch your child’s soccer match, heading home, making dinner, helping with homework, tending to the pets, preparing the children for bed, finishing up some last-minute work, and then finally catching […]

  • Looking For A Top-Notch Executive Housekeeper in Atlanta

    Many of our clients look for top-notch housekeepers to care for their homes and every household requires a different type of housekeeper. At The Hazel agency, we offer a wide range of housekeeper that differ in experience and skillset that match your needs for your home.  If you are looking for a highly experienced housekeeper, you […]

  • Looking For Domestic Help In Georgia?

    Are you from Atlanta, GA, and looking for domestic help? If so, you can get in touch with The Hazel Agency, a reputed domestic staffing agency Atlanta GA. A good household staffing agency in Atlanta GA, like The Hazel Agency, has an abundance of qualified candidates looking for domestic help jobs. Such an agency would […]

  • Family Assistant vs. Nanny: What’s the Difference?

    Many parents would agree with the sentiment that their children are the center of their world. But what if you could find someone who could make your whole family’s world go-’round? Depending on your family’s circumstances, The Hazel Agency has candidates for employment available to fit their specific needs. Our household personnel Atlanta GA are […]

  • How To Thank Your Household Staff

    Here at The Hazel Agency, our primary goal is to maintain a luxury home, and we know doing so isn’t possible without the help of quality household staff. As an Atlanta domestic agency that prides itself on recruiting the industry’s most desired service professionals, we know our candidates are highly qualified hard workers. Just like […]

  • 6 Ways a Family Assistant Can Make Your Holiday Season Merry and Bright

    Santa Claus may have an entire workshop of elves to help him get through the holiday rush, but how are all of us south of the North Pole supposed to handle the seasonal stress? While we may not have a sleigh of reindeer and the ability to grant miracles, we do have the next best thing- a Family Assistant Atlanta GA from The Hazel Agency, who can make your holiday season merry and bright.

  • Choosing the Childcare Option That is Right for You

    Since each family has unique requirements, deciding on what type of childcare option that is right for your family can be difficult. The Hazel Agency has the experience and reputation to help you make the right decision. We work with outstanding candidates in metro Atlanta to match your family with the staff that best fits […]

  • The Importance of Background Checks Before Employment

    Before hiring help, whether you are searching for childcare staff, housekeeping staff, culinary, or management staff, it is super important to make sure you know everything about the person you are inviting into your home. The Hazel Agency takes pride in maintaining the highest standards and complete discretion as a domestic staffing agency in Atlanta, […]